The Book of Arta Lama Rinpoche - The Laughter of the Hero


The Book of Arta Lama Rinpoche - is a detailed commentary on the practice of Chod "The Laughter of the Hero", which is based on opinion and approach of the Supreme Chariot, of the Great Perfection. An author of Chod’s text - renowned yogin, master of Dzogchen Nyima Tsultrim Rinpoche, which in the XX century reached the highest realization of spiritual practice, the Rainbow Body. Comment written by Arta Lama Rinpoche, is appreciated by masters of the tradition, on this book provides trainings in the Bon monasteries. The publication complementary stories and poems of the Rinpoche, which are actually teachings on Dzogchen. The book also includes the original Tibetan text and a small glossary of terms.